480px-Terraformed Mars
Mars as viewed from Naval Station Mimmi Islands
Star Sol
Type Terran planet
Satellites Phobos, Deimos
Gravity 0.376 G
Orbital distance 1.52 AU
Day length ~24.5 hours
Year length ~687 Earth days
Diameter 6,792 km
Axial tilt 25.19°
Average -17.5° F
Minimum -152° F
Maximum 117° F
Atmosphere composition 51% nitrogen, 31% oxygen, 5% helium, 1% neon, 12% other gases
Surface pressure 0.8 atm
Factions Eteno Imperial Triumvirate
Population 480 million
Major imports Mining equipment
Major exports Small arms, minerals, industrial equipment
Mars is the fourth planet in the Sol system, and considered by some to be Gaea's "twin". Before Humanity was dragged into the war between the Buyuk Empire and the Eteno, Mars was an uninhabited world covered in iron oxide dust. After the War on Gaea, the Eteno took ownership of the Sol system and began terraforming Mars in 2003 AD, and completing the project in 2085.


It is believed that Mars's surface had surface water and possibly a lush surface at some point in history. A degradation in the planet's magnetic field resulted in the loss of atmosphere, and thus the loss of temperature and pressure required for surface water. When Buyuk forces were finally evicted from Sol at the end of the War on Gaea, Planet Tech was awarded a contract to terraform Mars.

In 2003 AD, the terraforming process was initiated, and in eighty-two years, the planet was transformed from a lifeless iron oxide-covered world into a green world ripe for habitation.


In 2086 AD, the first settlers moved to Mars. Agricultural and mining communities were soon established, and by 2143, Mars has become a well developed and established colony. Its economy relies primarily on the manufacture of weaponry with the use of iron mined on the planet. Some farming supports the population, but agriculture is a small and only mildly developed part of the economy.

Tourism is a burgeoning sector on Mars, centered around the planet's spectacular geographic features and shallow oceans. Olympus Mons is a popular travel destination, and facilities have been built into the mountain itself. While historically constrained, the Martian economy and population is becoming diverse. Mars is slowly becoming a cross section of the Eteno nation, and is one of the richest outer colonies in Imperial space.