The Omni were a species that inhabited the Milky Way Galaxy more than 80,000 years prior to the formation of the Galactic Senate. They flourished for thousands of years before mysteriously vanishing 20,000 years ago, and traces of their technology have been discovered in caches all across the galaxy.


Next to no records are available on what the Omni looked like as they are believed to have digitized themselves to inhabit virtual worlds. The servers that originally hosted these virtual worlds have long since become inoperable, It is suspected that these servers utilized an ancient jumpgate system to allow instantaneous interstellar communication.

The Omni were believed to have meddled with the development of numerous species across the galaxy as many spacefaring species exhibit technological levels evenly comparable to one another, a phenomenon that xenobiologists regard as incredibly unlikely. Believing themselves to be gods, the Omni had treated the galaxy much like a playground, witnessing the evolution of alien societies over the course of thousands of years.

The reason to the Omni's disappearance still remains a mystery, but it is speculated that should the virtual worlds come back online, the Omni inhabitants would be revived as well.