Sol Regimen
Spectral type K
Age 5.5 billion years
Size Unknown
Surface temperature Unknown
Diameter Unknown
Stars 1
Planets 0
Moons 0
Faction Unknown
Population 37,000,000

Sol Regimen in a star system most well-known for having Domum Regimen in orbit.


Planets and featuresEdit

Double RingEdit

The remains of two planets which were destroyed forming two asteroid belts around the star system. Domum Regimen was constructed partially from the asteroids within this area.


A tiny planetoid that just barely makes the classification of dwarf planet. Its spectacular ring system and ten tiny moons makes it stand out among a number of otherwise unremarkable celestial masses. Pavor serves as a gravitational anchor for the system's jump gates, and thus, all ships headed to or from Domum Regimen are required to pass through here.

Stations, static warships, and artificial structuresEdit

Domum RegimenEdit

Main article: Domum Regimen

Massive space station constructed jointly by the founding members of the Galactic Senate and its grand seat of power. Orbits Sol Regimen freely.

ENS Cserisilki VokhutyaEdit

Zamasova-class battleship tasked with guarding the Bozhidara gate and Iokovatsky Station.

ENS Cserisilki FindenzogEdit

Zamasova-class battleship tasked with guarding the Bozhidara gate and Iokovatsky Station.

IPFS PalangaEdit

Modified Srada-class IPF cruiser used as a temporary holding station for persons arrested on Domum Regimen.

Iokovatsky StationEdit

Eteno customs station and IPF border police base located adjacent to the Bozhidara gate. Orbits Pavor.


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