Svicec system
Spectral type F2
Age 6 billion years
Size 1.51 Sol masses
Surface temperature 7025.82 Kelvin
Diameter 1.25 Sol diameters
Stars 1
Planets 2
Moons 26
Faction Eteno Imperial Triumvirate
Population Unknown

Svicec is a restricted system under the control of the Eteno Imperial Triumvirate. Civilian access is restricted. Any unauthorized craft will be taken into custody or destroyed.


Svicec was one of the first systems the EIT explored during the initial colonization campaign. Foreseeing a need for special areas completely under military control and taking into account the system's lack of any useful features, Svicec was designated a restricted system and handed over to the Eteno Imperial Armed Forces after gates to the system were finished in 1213 AD.

For much of the EIT's early history, Svicec was able to host all of the required academies, special shipyards, and high-security installations needed to fulfill the demands of the military. However, the wars with the Buyuk and Kklxin compelled the government to establish additional facilities in greater secrecy in the adjoining Keplat system.

Planets and featuresEdit


Barren, dusty world with no atmosphere or useful deposits of minerals to speak of.


Red gas giant regularly skimmed for water and hydrogen. Its moons are regularly used for weapons testing.

Stations, static warships, and artificial structuresEdit

ENS NjoltorEdit

Wotan-class battleship tasked with guarding the Sius gate against intruders.

ENS ThiassiEdit

Wotan-class battleship tasked with guarding the Sius gate against intruders.

ENS AegirEdit

Wotan-class battleship tasked with guarding the Keplat gate against intruders.

ENS FenrisEdit

Wotan-class battleship tasked with guarding the Keplat gate against intruders.

Truelle StationEdit

Water and hydrogen extraction station in orbit around Truelle. Orbits Truelle.

Gramstock ShipyardEdit

One of the largest military shipyards in the galaxy. Can simultaneously manufacture eleven battleships and twenty-five cruisers or destroyers. Orbits Svicec freely.

Dortwicz ShipyardEdit

Military snubcraft shipyard. Orbits Svicec freely.

Ljungman ShipyardEdit

Military special projects shipyard. Develops and constructs prototype and experimental designs. Orbits Svicec freely.

Rcewzska Weapons LaboratoryEdit

High-security weapons development laboratory. Conducts regular testing on the surface of Brygida, the evidence of which is visible in thousands of craters of various sizes. Orbits Brygida.

Maxtellborg Military AcademyEdit

Imperial Navy officer academy. Orbits Svicec freely.

Fyrtems'k Military AcademyEdit

Imperial Navy enlisted crew academy. Orbits Svicec freely.

Smaiata Military AcademyEdit

Imperial Navy flight academy. Orbits Svicec freely.

Bochel Security AcademyEdit

Special Imperial Security Force and Imperial Police Force academy for investigative and intelligence staff as well as regular officers. Orbits Truelle.

Thrakta Security AcademyEdit

Military intelligence academy. Orbits Truelle.


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